Virasana (pronounced veer-ahs-aha) will encourage and support you in going inward into conscious breathing and/or meditation. It is also a thoughtful way to enter into your practice. The term “vira” means hero or warrior.

How to Practice

Begin in the kneeling position, with the soles of your feet up and the tops of your feet flat on the floor behind you. Slowly sit back, keeping the knees closely together, but moving the feet and calves outward until they rest on both sides of your now seated body, sitting bones on the floor. If needed, pull your calf muscles outward away from your thighs so you fit snugly between them on the floor.

Sit erect, chest wide. Slowly raise your straight arms with locked hands in front of you and then overhead, feeling the stretch. Keep your head erect and still, with your gaze forward at all times. Let your fingers remain locked as the palms open flat to the sky.

Use a blanket to protect and support the knees and legs. Notice the benefits this pose brings to stiffness in the upper body and to the joints of the lower body. If the body can be said to move energy, then the mind moves awareness. Notice the two as they work together in this pose — energy and awareness.



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