Uttanasana (pronounced OOT-tan-AHS-ana) is a great pose to use to relieve discomfort, bloating, and pain in the lower torso. It will bring tone to the organs of the area, including the kidneys, spleen, liver, ovaries, and digestive tract. The term “ut” means intense; the term “tan” means stretch. This pose is also one of a handful of good poses for elevating your mood when you are down, or balancing your mood when you are excited and unfocused.

How to Practice 

Start uttanasana (standing forward bend) in mountain pose (tadasana) and exhale while bending forward at the hips. The pose is fully achieved by having the fingers touch the floor. Some people starting their yoga practice may be able to bring palms flat to the floor, while others may not be able to reach the floor with any part of their hands. If you cannot do this yet, try to bring your head close to the knees.

Be willing to bend the knees and let gravity help you reach the floor with your hands. Tightness in certain muscles, like the hamstrings, glutes (butt muscles) and spine should be an indication to ease into the pose slowly, using the breath to help. Think about the back of your rib cage when taking in the breath. Let progress come over time. No hurry.

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