Tadasana (pronounced tah-DAHS-anna) is the first pose to learn and master.The term “tada” means mountain. It is the foundation of a good yoga practice. You may underestimate its value as a beginner, but as you work your way through your yoga practice, you will acquire a feeling of strength, well being, and appreciation.

As you continue to gain experience, you will begin to notice a heightened sense of calm and an increase in confidence in social situations where standing is required. Practicing tadasana is said to help decrease fatigue, stimulate your brain, and increase poise.

How To Practice

Enter the tadasana pose by standing tall and erect, with feet together, and palms down by your side. Take a deep relaxing breath. This will you to help orient your chest out and help you to hold your head high over your shoulders. Your weight should be distributed evenly on your feet.

Two variations on the pose are: (1) to stretch your arms high over your head and place your weight slightly forward on the balls of your feet, or (2) to widen your feet slightly and place your hands in a prayer position against your chest.

Return to this pose throughout your practice to regain a sense of calm, and to orient yourself firmly to the earth below and the sky above.

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