Salabhasana¬†(pronounced sha-la-BAHS-ana) will strengthen the lower back and relieve the stress and strain of your day. The term “salabha” means grasshopper.

How to Practice

Begin by lying flat on the floor, face down, toes pointed straight back, soles of the feet up. Even the forehead should be flat against the floor and the arms by your sides with palms up. This position will be the first of two ways to practice the asana. Slowly raise your arms up off the floor, keeping them straight behind you as if they were like superman’s cape flying straight behind him in the air. While doing this, also lift the shoulders and head off the floor, keeping your gaze straight ahead or up at the third eye. Notice you are fighting gravity to maintain this stretched out and up position. Notice the breath.

The alternative way to practice this asana is to begin with the arms stretched out in front of you, fingers pointed forward as well. Feel the full stretch until you are comfortable and balanced in this flat position on the floor. Next, lift your arms up, arch your chest off the floor and your legs off the floor at the same time. Notice the effects of gravity making the pose difficult to hold!

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