Parivrtta trikonasana (pronounced par-ee-VRIT-tah trik-cone-AHS-ana) is a relatively advanced pose, best practiced later in a session and after the standard triangle pose has been completed. This asana is actually the counter pose to utthita trikonasana. It will increase blood flow to the lower torso and spine and bring awareness to the breath as the chest expands fully. The term “parivrtta” means to turn around; “tri” means three; and “kona” means angle.

How to Practice 

Begin in mountain pose (tadasana). Widen your feet to about 4 feet apart and raise the arms straight out from the sides, palms down. Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the side and the left foot two-thirds as much. Keep the legs straight while bending from the hips over the right leg,  simultaneously twisting the torso, so that the left arm is pointing straight down near the ankle of the right leg, the right arm is straight up towards the sky, and you are looking up at your right hand.

Notice this twist is opposite the twist of extended triangle pose, and that the arm on the ground and the arm in the air is opposite that pose as well. Hold the pose for a few lingering breaths, while noting the areas of stress and strain. Never move more than the body is telling you that it can go. Honor it for getting where it does with this and other poses, and notice your progress over time. Also, be mindful that some days you will feel more vital and flexible than other days, no matter how long you have practiced. Repeat the pose on the other side.

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