Parivrtta sukhasana (pronounced par-ee-VERT-a sukh-AHS-ana) opens the heart, filling the yogi with hope and happiness. Enter the pose thoughtfully and expectantly.

How to Practice 

Begin in the cross-legged seated position. Feel the firmness of the feet under each knee. Open the chest by placing your outstretched arms behind you. You may wish to enter a brief stretch backward, supported by the fingertips of your arms. Do this in preparation for the twist to come. Now return to the upright seated position to begin the pose. Bring the left hand to the right knee and gently twist to the right from the waist. Position the right arm behind you at about the center of your body. Let your gaze follow, with the eyes moving to the far right as well. Hold the pose long enough to feel the stretch. Also, breathe mindfully into the stretch, remaining tall and rotated around the spine — which remains as the fulcrum of the pose. Repeat on the other side.

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