Parighasana (pronounced par-ee-GOSS-ana), like many poses, teaches us who we are. It does so by bringing us into an awareness of the body’s form and function until the mind embraces them and the spirit is moved. The term “parigha” refers to a piece of iron used to lock a gate.

How to Practice 

Begin the parighasana pose by kneeling on the floor. Point your right leg, foot, and toes straight out to your side. Rest your straight right arm with the palm of your right hand facing up. Lift your left arm straight up with your fingers pointing toward the sky. While maintaining the straight up and down gate, bend right from the waist, extending over the stretched out leg. Let the right arm slide down your leg as the stretch is lengthened. At the same time, allow the left arm to follow the body as it bends sideways to the right. Gaze upward at the arm and beyond into infinity.

Be sure to practice gate latch pose on both sides of your body. You may also wish to first practice this pose while seated in the cross-legged position.


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