Padangustha padma utkatasana is another advanced balance pose. You might want to feel mastery in the chair pose before proceeding with this asana. It will help you to feel your way into this pose successfully. Also, like other balance poses, the mind and heart will benefit from your non-judgemental, pressure-free, yet heightened focus — the end result being increased clarity of mind.

How To PracticeĀ 

Begin standing tall in mountain pose, yet loose and relaxed in preparation for entering the pose. Lift your left leg off the floor and place it over your right thigh — near the right knee. Slowly bend down as if beginning to sit in a chair. Let your left leg push down towards the ground as it supports your effort to assume the pose. Think only about the bend of your knee and the bend of your hips. Otherwise, you want to keep your spine straight and the lean of your upper body and head forward.

Bring your hands together in prayer position and let the elbows balance on your folded left leg. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, balancing on the ball of your right foot. Finish the pose by bringing your hands to the chest, keeping them in the prayer position.

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