Halasana is pronounced hah-LAHS-ana . The term “hala” means plow). Any pose that rejuvenates the nervous system is a good one. It will boost your mood and energy as well. With your head below the body, a feeling of calm will come over your thoughts and tension will be released.

How To Practice 

Lie flat on the floor to begin, arms beside you. You may wish to have a folded blanket under your neck and upper back. This is the area of the body that will maintain contact with the floor in the finished pose. Next bring your knees and legs up and folded into the chest. Feel your lower back stretched out and comfortable before moving into the next step.

It is at this point when you will place the hands slightly above or into the lower back. You may wish to keep your hands here until you have achieved the final pose, or throughout the entire pose for support if you are not inspired to let your legs and feet fall to the floor behind your head — in what is considered the final pose.

Release the folded legs from the chest by beginning to stretch out your legs over your head and behind you. Gravity will begin to bring your legs to the floor behind your head, so use the hands holding your lower back to slow and control this force. When inspired to do so, complete the pose by lowering your feet to the floor behind you and your stretched out arms with clasped hands flat on the floor in front of you.


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