Bhujangasana (pronounced boo-jang-GAHS-ana) pose will relieve conditions of the spine by aligning the discs into their proper positions. It will also expand the chest and remind you of the importance of the breath. Therefore, coming in and out of the pose several times before holding it for a longer period will focus you on these benefits of the pose. The term “bhujanga” means serpent.


How to Practice

Begin face down on the floor, with your palms flat and next to the shoulders. Feel yourself stretched out fully, with toes pointed back and soles of the feet facing up. As you move into the pose, the lower body, from the pelvis down, is going to maintain contact with the floor. The pubic bone through the upper body is going to lift upwards by slowly straightening the arms. Also, feel the strength of your core and back as the upper body is lifted.

Keep in mind that as the arms become straight, it is not the shoulders that elevate, but rather pay attention to the spine itself lifting and arching. This can be assisted by lifting the chin and bringing the gaze upwards, looking into infinity. Concentrate on the breath and feel that energy flowing from the perineum to the sacrum. Do this by breathing into the area.

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