B.K.S. Iyengar refers to yoga as the “science of religion,” and elsewhere as the “science of spirit.” This is because yoga unites the individual with the universal. What begins in physical movement and exercise transforms into an awakening of consciousness. It is the blending of the finite individual with that which is infinite and unbounded.

We refer to “yogatology” as the “science of yoga,” and dedicate ourselves to bringing about this union of the individual with the universal. We playfully call it “empirical zen” and “historical hip,” giving due respect and attentiveness to a wisdom tradition that is thousands of years old, and blending it with the youthful spirit, energy, and inquiry of the modern west.

Hatha yoga is a term used to describe a whole set of different yoga styles that are based in a physical form of practice. Iyengar boldly asserts that the reflective practice of meditation is not even possible without first preparing the body for it – which is precisely the purpose of yoga.

Hatha yoga is the primary expression of yoga in the United States. Yogatology supports and encourages all practitioners of physical yoga – whatever their goals of well-being may be – by recommending that every yoga session have a modestly lengthy period of meditative relaxation at its conclusion.

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