When the anjaneyasana pose is complete, your body will form a crescent moon. You will feel and benefit from a full stretch of the leg muscles, the lower back, and the shoulders — as your arms reach for the sky. This pose also lifts the diaphragm and tones the neck — as your gaze looks up past the hands and into infinity above.

How To Practice 

Begin with your right foot firm on the floor, with your knee bent and directly over your ankle. You will not be moving forward or backward from this ideal positioning of the knee over the ankle. Your left leg is simultaneously stretched out behind you, with your heel up and toes pointed straight back. Your lower leg will be supported along the floor, and upper leg suspended and stretched in a straight line upward toward the bent right knee in front of you.

At this point, you will move your hands and arms — which may have supported you on the floor or on your front knee — straight up above your head, with palms together in a prayer position. Feel the stretch as you slowly breathe into the fully arched position.

Repeat the pose with the other leg in front. Rest after this pose by going into child pose.

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